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It was back in 1988 when I first had the opportunity to “meet” Adam Sandler.  He was appearing on MTV one evening on a game show called Remote Control.   According to IMDb, Adam appeared on three Remote Control shows during its second season in 1988.  During that time, Adam made appearances as the character "Stud Boy".  Although I was fairly certain that Adam had appeared in many more programs of the show, I was satisfied in my belief when Adam confirmed my recollection in a subsequent interview.

There was something about Adam that I had enjoyed.  After his stint on Remote Control, the next time I saw Adam was in 1996 in his movie BulletProof.  From then on I became a follower of Adam and made an effort to see as many of his movies as possible. 

As a result of this website, who knows, perhaps I will get to meet Adam one day and thank him for the humor and the smiles he has brought to my face.  If that never happens, there will still be the smile on my face and the laughter that Adam has given to me.



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