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Welcome to my website. I hope you find “My Tribute to Adam Sandler” as interesting and enjoyable as I did in preparing this homage to a wonderful person, comedian, actor, and producer. Each of these offerings can easily be accessed by using the navigation bar near the top of this page.

But before you begin your tour of “My Tribute to Adam Sandler”, I think it only fitting and proper that I first offer you a song that Adam had written and performed in honor of his late father, Stanley Sandler. It is very touching. Please simply click on the audio bar below the “Happy Madison Production” logo, which, of course, includes a picture of his dad. 

Adam sang this song for the first time on The David Letterman Show 02-11-04. 

He said he wrote it the night before.

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***ADDED to - “The Week Of - Added interview with Chris Rock and Adam Sandler


***ADDED to - "The Meyerowitz Stories” - Adam won a GOTHAM Award, added filming locations and some articles

ADDED to - “The Week Of - Added lots of Nassau County NY locations & articles

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New movie added “The Week Of"

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New movie added - "Sandy Wexler" 

ADDED to "Various Talk Shows & Other Items of Interest" - The Top 15 Adam Sandler Films At The North American Box Office

ADDED to "Various Talk Shows & Other Items of Interest" - Adam Sandler Performs Wedding Ceremony Onstage During Comedy Performance

ADDED to "Various Talk Shows & Other Items of Interest" - 24 Surprising Stories With Adam Sandler That Make Him The Coolest. He Did That For A Fan?


New movie added - "Yeh Din Ka Kissa" also known as "The Meyerowitz Stories"

New movie added - "The Do-Over"

New movie added -  "The Ridiculous 6"

ADDED to "Various Talk Shows & Other Items of Interest"SNL 40th Anniversary, The Sandlerverse 

ADDED to "News & Upcomings Events" - Frank Coraci, a film director who has worked extensively with Adam Sandler

Updated - "Pixels" - Add article and interview with Jane Krakowski

Adam thanks his 40 million Facebook friends May 2013



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